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    by Published on 07-23-2014 03:48 PM

    The following patch was applied to the public test realm on July 23rd, 2014.

    PTR Exclusive
    • Anyone can now utilize the instant-level-50 boost NPC and test gear vendor on the PTR.
    • PvP items have been added to the test gear vendor on the PTR, allowing you to be properly suited up for battleground testing!
    • The “Pouch of Prestige” can now be bought on the PTR, instantly filling your PvP currency.
    • Can no longer /follow if you or your target is dead.
    • “Level Up” VO now plays with a higher priority over quest and other types of VO.
    • The telegraph shape for the Hurricane creature spell has been slightly adjusted.
    • Liquid Confidence
      • Fixed an issue in which the event could trigger more than once every 0.25 seconds.
      • Adjusted the healing value to be appropriate for the frequency in which it can occur.
      • Healing Value: 106 health, down from 433 health.
    Item Specials
    • Fixed a bug that was causing several Item Specials to be removed upon death.
    • Heavy Blow Special has been updated to have a 10s ICD on all tiers.
      • Tier 1 updated to 10% chance and 1m pushback down from 50% chance and 2m.
      • Tier 2 updated to 15% chance and 1.5m pushback down from 50% chance and 3m.
      • Tier 3 updated to 20% chance and 2m pushback down from 50% chance and 4m.
      • Tier 4 updated to 25% chance and 2.5m pushback down from 50% chance and 5m.
      • Tier 5 updated to 30% chance and 3m pushback down from 50% chance and 6m.
    • Resolved an issue that would let channeled spells clear their GCD after they had performed an Action.
    • Channeled Spells will no longer go on cooldown if interrupted unless they have ticked at least once.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented passive stance buffs/debuffs from applying when switching stances during GCDs or during CCs.
    • Fixed hit detection of cone telegraphs with min radius hitting units just behind caster.
    Engineer (Forums)
    • Made improvements to telegraphs so that enemies on top of the Engineer will be more reliably hit.
    • Adjusted telegraphs so they should no longer be able to reach players on the starting ledge in arenas.
    • Flak Cannon
      • Fixed an issue in which Flak Cannon could be repeatedly cast to gain Volatility outside of combat.
    Esper (Forums)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Blade Dance animation top last longer than intended.
    • Bolster and Concentrated blade now have a small 250ms Cooldown to prevent all charges from firing at the same time if Hold to Continue Casting is enabled.
    • Blade Dance
      • Channel time reduced to 2 seconds down from 3 seconds.
      • Damage per level reduced to 5.35 from 6.96 (per tick) and 10.04% Assault Power down from 13.05% AP (per tick).
    • Concentrated Blade
      • The missile delay has been reduced to 3s at all levels down from 3.4s and 4.4s (T4+).
      • Tier 4 bonus now increases the recharge rate to 2 per 10 seconds.
    • Haunt
      • Tier 4 no longer grants a pushback.
      • Tier 4 bonus now grants an Empower that increases Magic Damage dealt by 6% for 5 seconds.
    • Psychic Frenzy
      • The Tier 8 Bonus now requires 3 charges to generate an additional Psi Point down from 6.
      • Reduced the GCD on the first press down to .75s down from 1.25s.
    • Telekinetic Strike
      • Now castable while moving.
      • The damage has been reduced to 33.6% Assault Power down from 37.34% Assault Power and 18 damage per level down from 19.93 damage per level. The damage per tier has been reduced to 5.67% assault power down from 6.3%.
      • The Tier 8 Bonus on Telekinetic Strike now required 3 charges to generate an additional Psi Point down from 6.
    Medic (Forums)
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing tiered abilities from using cooldown reduction.
    • Fixed a bug in which some Medic global cooldowns were using a 1.5s GCD instead of a 1.25s GCD.
    • Fixed an issue where Discharge and Emission would not reset their GCD if the spell was canceled before the first tick.
    • Barrier
      • Fixed a bug where the tier 8 bonus was healing more than intended. Reduced the duration of the Interrupt Armor granted by Barrier to 3 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
    • Devastator Probes
      • Reduced the detonate damage from Tier 4 to 35%, down from 50%. Reduced the amount of additional foes affected by tier 8 to 2, down from 3. Additionally the splash damage from Tier 8 now deals 75% of normal detonate damage.
    • Gamma Rays
      • Can now hit 3 targets per beam, up from 1.
      • Base damage per beam has been reduced to 14.19 damage per level, down from 14.89, and 32.62% Assault Power, down from 34.21%.
      • The tier 4 bonus now causes each use of Gamma Rays to reduce its cast time by 0.5 second. Every third cast resets the cast time back to normal.
      • The tier 8 bonus now grants a 33% chance per beam that hits an enemy to build an Actuator.
      • Landing a hit with all 3 beams still grants a 100% chance to build an Actuator. There is now a 2 second cooldown on the Actuator granted from T8.
    • Mending Probes
      • Reduced the detonate healing from Tier 4 to 35%, down from 50%. Reduced the amount of additional allies affected by tier 8 to 2, down from 3. Additionally the splash healing from Tier 8 now restores 75% of normal detonate healing.
    • Rejuvenator
      • Reduced the duration of the Interrupt Armor granted by tier 4 to 3 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
    • Reboot
      • This will now trigger on allies below 30% shield rather than only on empty shields. The bonus shield healing has been reduced to 135% Support Power, down from 225%.
    • Solid State
      • The Interrupt Armor granted by this now only lasts for the first 3 seconds of Protection Probes rather than the full duration.
    Spellslinger (Forums)
    • Quick Draw and Rapid Fire tooltips now read the proper target count.
    • Rapid Fire
      • Once the initial cast is ‘Surged’, each tap will now trigger ’The One’ and ‘Surge Damage’.
      • Surged Rapid Fire now consumes 25 Spell Power once for all 4 taps (previously 25 Spell Power per Tap).
    • Spell Surge
      • Spell Power is no longer consumed if Spell Surge is activated mid-cast.
      • Spell Surge is now castable while casting.
    • Gunslinger
      • Now procs when landing a hit with an assault ability that has a cooldown.
      • Can only trigger once per second.
      • Buff duration refreshes with each proc.
      • Buff duration reduced to 8s from 20s.
      • Critical Chance buff increased to 3.5% from 2.5%, and its stack count decreased to 3 from 5.
    • ‘The One’ and ‘Surge Damage’ no longer replace one another.
    Stalker (Forums)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Ruin, Phlebotomize, Frenzy and Razor Disk to have a higher than intended Deflect Chance.
    • Impale
      • Now hits 2 targets up from 1.
    • Last Stand
      • Reduced the Duration to 3 seconds down from 3.5 seconds.
    • Nano Field
      • Tier 8 Lifesteal reduced to 75% down from 100%.
    • Neutralize
      • Cost Debuff stack cap reduced to 5 from 6.
    • Steadfast
      • The tier 8 bonus can only trigger the Suit Power Regen a maximum of 5 times for the duration.
    • Precision AMP is now properly flagged as Stalker Class only.
    Warrior (Forums)
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing tiered abilities from using cooldown reduction.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing certain Warrior AMPs to drop more frequently than intended from Challenge reward bags. This fix will also slightly increase the chance to get rare AMPs from the Challenge reward bag.
    • Extricate will no longer work on bomb carriers.
    • Rating requirements for PvP gear have been adjusted.
    • Scientist scanbots can no longer be summoned in Battlegrounds or Arenas.
    • Players will no longer be able to avoid being teleported into the arena by jumping off of the spawn platform and using a force move ability to get back.
    • Fixed exploit related to players leaving an Arena match early.
    Daggerstone Pass
    • The bomb will no longer lose functionality when dropped multiple times.
    • Sabotage bomb visual polished.
    • A Spellslinger can no longer access an enemy spawn point by using Spatial Shift.
    • Re-secured the Dominion spawn point from Exile wall climbers!
    • Quest arrows will correctly point to the enemy Fusion Core.
    • The progress bar tooltips in both Warplots and Sabotage now indicate which team they belong to.
    • Fixed a bug where some imbuement quests were not localized.
    • All group-difficulty creatures in Blighthaven are now set for soft-kill, accommodating for multiple groups/ungrouped players and removing bottlenecking.
    • Breadcrumb quests into Blighthaven weren't being fired properly. Now they are! Welcome to Blighthaven!
    • Fixed a number of issues with the Scorchwing encounter in Blighthaven.
    • Multiple players (grouped or not) will be awarded participation for "Lost" in Blighthaven when they engage in the holdout.
    Drusera Instances
    Drusera Instance 2
    • Straining to be Heard
      • Fixed issue where exile players would not be pushed the quest on meeting the prerequisites.
    Drusera Instance 3
    • The Hidden Dark
      • Canceling the clone spawning cinematic before it finishes will no longer block progression.
    • The objective to poison the air supply for quest "The Warden" now correctly shows up as optional in the Quest Tracker.
    • Scorchwing should no longer occasionally go un-responsive when transitioning into the Egg phase.
    • Darkspur enemies in Swindler's End will now give XP to players as intended.
    Northern Wilds
    • ‘Calm Before the Storm’ quest text has been restored.
    • The Dominion Cannon is now appropriately telling players what it is.
    • The Wigwalli Lopp have decided to protect a holocrypt from the Ascendancy near Augmentation Facility X426 in Whitevale.
    The Hycrest Insurrection
    • Fixed a bug in Hycrest adventure where players might temporarily be unable to see each other.
    The Malgrave Trail
    • The distance bar has been switched to fill up when players get close to the lost caravan member (rather than show how far away you are). The text messaging has also been improved to better inform players that the location is based off the caravan's position rather than the individual player's.
    The Ruins of Kel Voreth
    • Forgemaster Trogun
      • Removed some safe areas during the Exanite Shards phase.
      • Adjusted boss wall placement.
    • Voreth Beastmaster
      • Pulverize can no longer crit.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Normalized the random event selection by wing to reduce variance in clear times caused by random optional objectives. In order to accomplish this we've done the following:
      • Enabled a single random non-miniboss objective per wing (previously 0 to 4). The entry wing and hub objectives are considered the same wing for this purpose.
      • Reduced the total number of non-miniboss random objectives selected to 4 (down from 5).
      • Adjusted the counts and parameters of the optional objectives to bring them closer in line in terms of time to complete.
    • ‘Dodge the Totems’ challenge no longer fails when the totems' telegraph hits an NPC.
    • Deadringer Shallaos
      • The Sound and the Fury veteran boss challenge now only enables on Veteran difficulty.
    • Updated multiple basepop encounters to improve cluster cooldowns, add missing Moments of Opportunity, correct execution frequency, etc. Just general cleanup.
    • System Daemons
      • Overload is now removed when entering one of the lower rooms.
      • Daemons should no longer sometimes auto attack between Disconnect and Memory Wipe.
      • Should be less likely to cast Power Surge in addition to another spell.
      • Increased trigger volume size for teleporters.
      • Overload now reduces threat generation per stack.
    • Maelstrom Authority
      • Increased HP.
      • Static Bombshell now also applies ability restriction.
      • Platform layouts are now random presets instead of complete randomization.
      • Lightning Strikes should no long be offset from the target.
    • Gloomclaw
      • HP Increased to 54.6m.
    • Volatility Lattice
      • Obstinate Logic Wall HP increased to ~1.23m.
    • Avatus
      • Increased HP.
    • Earthen Biomes
      • Updated spawn clusters and positioning.
      • Removed cleave from Bonechewer Rockhorde auto attack.
    • Glacial Fortress
      • Updated spawn clusters and positioning.
      • Snownado knockback is now more horizontal.
      • Pulling either Frost-boulder Avalanche now aggro’s all basepop on that platform.
      • The cube bridge to the final miniboss now activates once the basepop in front of it is killed.
      • Removed cleave from Icespike Hordling auto attack.
    • Obsidian Wastes
      • Updated spawn clusters and positioning.
      • Removed cleave from Obsidian Spikehorde auto attack.
    Genetic Archives
    • Centrifuge Challenge loot will no longer be awarded until the event room is complete.
    • Experiment X-89
      • Shattering Shockwave no longer damages pets. Classes that start with the letter 'E' rejoice.
    • Dreadphage Ohmna
      • In order to discourage strategies based entirely on random chance, the following changes are being made to the final phase of the Dreadphage Ohmna encounter (We apologize for accidentally encouraging any use of the phrase "YOLO"):
        • Strain Spit from Phageborn Plasma Leeches and Tentacles of Ohmna will no longer daze players.
        • Final phase tentacle spawns will no longer take damage until they finish casting Erupt
        • Initial spawn of tentacles in the final phase now have pre-set positions and the total count has been reduced.
        • Genetic Torrent in the final phase now creates an additional "unsafe" area that prevents players from avoiding Torrent in unintended ways.
        • Ohmna no longer casts Genetic Torrent immediately upon beginning the final phase.
        • There is now small delay before Ohmna begins to rotate for Genetic Torrent in the final phase.
        • Ohmna will no longer cast Devour in the final phase.
        • Her challenge should now be correctly rewarded upon completion.
    Ultimate Protogames
    • Each event room now has a holocrypt.
    • Upon entering each of the different event rooms, players receive a communicator message to introduce the gameplay.
    • When teleporting between event rooms, players can click on their transitional objective to see where the teleporter is located.
    • Settlers were unable to complete a mission that relied heavily on a quest to be completed before the mission was unlocked, this has been fixed.
    • Rare mob packs will no longer drop loot until the entire group has been killed.
    Tradeskills General
    • Sittable chairs near crafting stations have been removed. This is part of a short term fix to address a bug that occurs when players attempt to craft in any animation state except standing.
    • Architect Cybene in Malgrave has had her phasing flags updated, and her spawn point and quest location have been moved to increase visibility.
    • Fixed an issue where some Walatiki and Bloodsworn schematic-granting items were not pointing to the correct schematics, causing some achievements to be un-achievable.
    • Corrected multiple instances of recipe granting schematics linking to the incorrect schematics. The following items have been corrected:
      • Pattern: Darkspur Spurboots
      • Pattern: Darkspur Darkpants
      • Pattern: Darkspur Darkshawl
      • Pattern: Shatterforce Commando Gloves
      • Pattern: Shatterforce Commando Robes
      • Pattern: Shatterforce Commando Sandals
      • Pattern: Shatterforce Commando Tights
      • Pattern: Shatterforce Commando Mantle
      • Pattern: Siegebreaker Gloves
      • Pattern: Siegebreaker Boots
      • Pattern: Siegebreaker Tunic
      • Pattern: Siegebreaker Trousers
      • Pattern: Thermock Bandana
      • Pattern: Thermock Colors
      • Pattern: Thermock Hands
      • Pattern: Thermock Shoes
      • Pattern: Thermock Knickers
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Gloves
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Waterseekers
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Duster
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Breeches
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Kerchief
      • Pattern: Thirsty Creek Bowler
    • Associated tech tree achievements are not affected, but should now track properly.
    User Interface
    • Fixed a bug where certain special characters were being treated as word delimiters.
    • Improvements have been made to the salvage UI! It is now a flat list of all salvageable items and each entry has a detailed tooltip which compares the item with what you currently have equipped!
    • Fixed an issue where several addons would not load correctly if the player did not have addon save data.
    • Fixed a LUA error in the quest tracker if you disabled the Interface (OptionsInterface) addon.
    • FABkits have been adjusted in level to match their required placement level in housing.
    • Fixed a bug which would sometimes prevent a COD mail from creating all items which were stackable.
    by Published on 07-22-2014 09:50 AM

    sabotage drop

    The WildStar Online site has been updated with the latest content drop called Sabotage, which includes the new battleground Daggerstone Pass. The new patch will also boast new achievements, rewards, and decor items as well as the PvP itemization changes highlighted from earlier developer posts.

    wildstar Originally posted by WildStar Online

    A 15 v 15 Battleground with Bombs, Mounts, Airstrikes and BOMBS!
    Sabotage is a new battleground match-type coming to WildStar, by way of an all-new map whose very name evokes all the many joys of time-bombing: Daggerstone Pass! But be warned, countdown enthusiasts: victory at Sabotage will require more than just pyromania. You’ll need cunning strategy, meticulously coordinated attacks, and, most important of all, a willingness to blow up enemies.

    Timed Explosion Fundamentals: Put the Rad Back in 'Blast Radius!'
    In the demo-licious world of Sabotage, cooperation and communication are paramount. Holding objectives in the center of the map allows the controlling team to bombard enemy defenses with devastating frequency. But since even momentary neglect leaves your base vulnerable to the same punishment, every decision could have pivotal consequences.
    The only question is, will you be sharp…or shrapnel?

    WildStar Devspeak: Sabotage


    by Published on 07-16-2014 10:10 PM

    The following patch was applied to the PTR on July 16, 2014.

    • Fixed a bug that was causing guild achievements that required a full guild group to be granted to guilds with only one member in a group.
    • Guilds and Circles now have an option to hide offline players (accessible via the gear button on the roster).
    • Guild Influence progress bar now has a detailed description tooltip.
    Characters Items
    • Biotronic Genetic Slicers from Genetic Archives have had their stats changed to reflect that they are a tanking weapon. The new stats will be Tech-Insight-Deflect-Deflect Critical.
    • Gaze of the Northern Wastes now requires the correct reputation.
    Item Specials
    • Protection
      • This now only applies Interrupt Armor while above 75% Shields.
      • Fixed a bug where the buff would not be applied if you are above the correct shield level when first equipping the item.
      • The cooldown for the Interrupt Armor is now triggered when the buff blocks a CC or you drop below the required Shield level.
      • This can now be dispelled.
    • Stay or Go
      • Reduced Snare and Movement Speed on all tiers from 14%/16%/18%/20%/22% to 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%.
    • Blur
      • Reduced the Movement Speed on all tiers from 11%/13%/15%/16%/18% to 4%/5%/6%/7%/8%.
    • Sprinter
      • Reduced the Max Endurance gained from 20%/26%/29%/32%/35% to 12%/15%/18%/21%/24%.
    • Cannibalize
      • Reduced the Lifesteal gained on all tiers from 15%/17%/19%/21%/23% to 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%.
    • Back Off
      • Increased the cooldown on all tiers from 2.5 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Great Escape
      • Reduced the Movement Speed on all tiers from 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% to 10%/11%/12%/13%/14%.
    • Slippery
      • Reduced the proc chance on all tiers from 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% to 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%.
    • Absorb effects are now affected by Healing Debuffs and Buffs.
    • Buffed the amount of Absorb granted by all Class Spells, AMPs, and Items by 25% to compensate for now being affected by Healing Reduction.
    • Updated the following forward movement spells to be castable while sprinting: - Esper: Projected Spirit, Medic: Urgency, Spellslinger: Gate, Stalker: Pounce, Warrior: Bum Rush, Leap.
    • CC Diminishing Returns have been updated:
      • Pacify and Taunt now can now each be applied 3 times within a rolling 10 second window but lose 25% duration on each application.
    • Updated all Class CC Breaks to be usable while sprinting.
    Engineer (Forums)
    • Bruiser Bot
      • Fixed an issue in which the Bruiser Bot could be deflected on leap to target, preventing the entire ability from firing.
    Esper (Forums)
    • Reap
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing Reap to play its VFX when triggered.
    • Spectral Form
      • No longer Roots the Esper in place.
      • The Absorption shield has been reduced to 250% assault and support power down from 300%
    • Warden
      • Fixed an issue with Warden not summoning at the primary targets location immediately while in combat.
    • Mental Overflow
      • Bolster can now properly proc Mental Overflow when at full Psi Points.
    Medic (Forums)
    • Atomize
      • Now has a 100% chance to build an Actuator, up from 50%.
      • Can now be cast while casting other spells.
      • Cooldown increased to 10 seconds, up from 8.
      • Base damage reduced to 18.72 damage per level and 43.03% Assault Power, down from 26.89 and 61.77%.
      • Minor tier bonus reduced to 4.63% Assault Power, down from 4.99%.
    • Dual Shock
      • Can now be cast while casting other spells.
    • Gamma Rays
      • Range increased to 20m, up from 17.5.
    • Quantum Cascade
      • Increased the AE size of the second tick by 25%, and the size of the third tick by 50%.
    • Null Zone
      • Fixed a bug where this could be Deflected.
    Spellslinger (Forums)
    • Spellslinger abilities can no longer hit targets standing in the spawn point of Arenas.
    • Arcane Missiles
      • Telegraph angle reduced to 20 from 25.
    • Charged Shot
      • Telegraph width reduced to 2.5m from 3m for T0-T3, and 3.5m from 4m for T4+.
    • Quick Draw
      • Extraneous ‘Quick Draw – Swiftness’ buff no longer appears when casting a spell surged.
      • ‘Quick Draw – Swiftness’ buff now only applies when the spell hits a target.
      • Cast-canceling Quick Draw will now properly interrupt the spell (and prevent later ticks from firing).
      • Quick Draw animation is now slightly more visible than before (time between ticks increased to 200ms from 167ms).
      • Target count reduced to 3 from 5.
    • Rapid Fire
      • Telegraph angle reduced to 20 from 24.
    • True Shot
      • Now functions correctly with the Hold to Continue Casting option.
    • Wild Barrage
      • Telegraph angle reduced to 20 from 25.
    • Trigger Fingers
      • Now must land a hit to reduce cooldowns.
      • Now reduces Assault and Support cooldowns by 0.5s and Utility cooldowns by 0.25s.
    • Deadly Chain
      • New Stacks will now properly refresh the total duration
    Stalker (Forums)
    • Nano Dart
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing T4 from draining a dash charge.
    • Razor Storm
      • Tier 4 bonus now generates 10 suit power as the tooltip indicates down from 30.
    • Enabler
      • Fixed a bug that prevented regenerating Suit Power while below 25% Suit Power.
    Warrior (Forums)
    • Augmented Blade
      • Fixed a bug preventing the T4 bonus from working correctly.
    • Rampage
      • Reduced the amount of enemies hit to 3, down from 5.
    • Due to popular demand, you may now use costumes in instanced PvP areas.
    • Reduced the PvP Offense and Defense granted by Items by 84% to match the overall balance change to PvP Offense and Defense.
    • Veteran Guardian Potions duration reduced to 8 seconds down from 15 seconds.
    Daggerstone Pass
    • The Dominion are no longer dropping cargo.
    • Plugged a hole in the Exiles spawning point that had allowed sneaky Dominion players to get inside.
    • Bombs can no longer be Crowd Controlled.
    • Fixed missing achievements.
    • Removed two redundant control panels.
    • The vote disband button in the group finder window will now say "Surrender Match" while in a Warplot to better reflect its functionality.
    • The Terminus Complex: Fixed issue where Foulshade Mauler could become stuck in a door.
    • The Hidden Dark: Fixed issue where players could become stuck in a summoned platform.
    • Straining to be Heard: Fixed issue where exile players would not be pushed the quest on meeting the prerequisites.
    • In Power by Proxy, we improved the knockback spell that happens when the player grows a tree but is standing too close to it. It now lasts longer, throws the player further, and now does a knockdown effect to put them into a CC state. This is to insure the tree doesn't grow around the player.
    • Breadcrumb quests into Blighthaven weren't being fired properly. Now they are! Welcome to Blighthaven!
    • The floor in the Nursery Temple in Blighthaven will no longer be able to be walked through by the player.
    • Burrowing Chompacabra got a health increase for quests "Clean Room" and "Science without Bounds" in Blighthaven.
    • The "Subterranean Simians" challenge in Blighthaven now requires less monkey murdering to achieve a gold medal.
    • Scorchwing now contributes to Genesis Key world boss progress.
    • Anyone killing a caminid within the Augment Analyzer's radius for quest "Augments for Analysis" in Ellevar will reward the quest owner credit.
    • Deathclaw no longer spawns on a ledge!
    • Fixed an issue where some XAS Researchers were invisible while doing the quest 'Urgent Rescue' found in Thundercall Village.
    • The objective to poison the air supply for quest "The Warden" now correctly shows up as optional in the Quest Tracker.
    Northern Wilds
    • The Dominion Cannon is now appropriately telling players what it is.
    • Fixed a bug where VIPs would become invincible and stop moving during War in the Streets: Ambush missions.
    War of the Wilds
    • Flint and Panzera have had their health reduced substantially in Normal mode.
    • Flint and Panzera have had their overall damage output increased by a small amount.
    Siege of Tempest Refuge
    • Morale debuff will correctly reapply upon logout / login during the adventure.
    Northern Wastes
    • The freezing hazard inside of Coldburrow Cavern is applied to the player if he chooses the Resurrect Here option while inside the cave.
    The Ruins of Kel Voreth
    • Slavemaster Drokk
      • Adjusted the boss walls and some prop collision to prevent a pathfinding exploit.
    • Upon entering the Mordechai's terraformer room, players now unlock a holocrypt just outside.
    • Stew-Shaman Tugga
      • Tugga's interrupt armor should now correctly reset when Feeding Frenzy ends.
    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Cleaned up and moved around basepop spawns and patrols to have cleaner progression through all wings of the dungeon.
    • Players should now be able to receive Realm first for Gold runs of Ruins of Kel Voreth, Stormtalon's Lair, and Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden.
      • Please note, if you have previously received a gold medal, this realm first will not display as it is tied to earning the achievement.
      • Normalized the random event selection by wing to reduce variance in clear times caused by random optional objectives. In order to accomplish this we've done the following:
        • Enabled a single random non-mini boss objective per wing (previously 0 to 4). The entry wing and hub objectives are considered the same wing for this purpose.
        • Reduced the total number of non-mini boss random objectives selected to 4 (down from 5).
        • Adjusted the counts and parameters of the optional objectives to bring them closer in line in terms of time to complete.
    Genetic Archives
    • Dreadphage Ohmna
      • It should no longer be possible to be affected by more than one instance of Bio-Phage at a time.
      • The Immortal and Ohm Nom Nope achievements should now be correctly rewarding.
    • Phagetech Prototypes
      • Will no longer reward challenge loot for only partially completing the challenge. In order to obtain challenge loot players must complete all four of the following challenges in the same encounter:
        • Production Halted
        • Phagetech Phasedancer
        • Event Horizon
        • Cut the Red Wire
    • “Eye of the Storm” now has SFX during the Aileron encounter.
    • “Launch” now has SFX during Aileron encounter in Datascape.
    • “Overcharged” now has SFX during Aileron encounter in Datascape.
    • The Datascape mount has been animated.
    • Path abilities should no longer be affected by the Ability Builder. Any current players that are in a bad state where their path ability is at a lower tier than it should be will be automatically fixed and their abilities brought back to the correct tier.
    • Levian Bay
      • The area reachable by the scientist elevator in Levian Bay now contains an Eldan Information Construct.
    • Grimvault
      • Fixed Earth's Brutality, Fire's Moxie, Air's Finesse, Water's Wisdom and Logic's Expertise so that they add stats to the player rather than setting them.
    • Grimvault
      • Rescue: Splorgs Best Friend: Fixed an issue with the spawning of the splorg target and timing on the respawn of the splorg.
    • The schematics UI search results will now display all schematics with the same name. This should help navigate the tradeskill research tiers, where there are many shared names.
    • Wurm Tunnels have been slightly modified. Entering a Wurm Tunnel will now take players to a solo instance.
      • Escape Ropes have now been placed at each of the starting locations within a Wurm Tunnel. Escape Ropes are exits that will return the player to the location they entered the tunnel from.
      • Players will no longer be suddenly kicked out of a Wurm Tunnel once the timer runs out, instead all unharvested nodes within the tunnel will despawn.
    User Interface
    • Added an Objective Tracker for the new Daggerstone Pass Battleground.
    • The scoreboard at the end of a PvP match can now be toggled by the button located in the middle of PvP info window.
    • The character panel now shows updated PvP Healing, PvP Defense, and PvP Offense stats.
    • Tradeskill items should now properly appear in the chat log.
    • The 'Buy AMP Reset' button is no longer available right after you buy a reset but haven't locked in any AMPs. At this point you should hit 'Undo Changes' to undo your work.
    • The filter buttons will now also be applied to search results.
    • Added extra formatting to numbers in the Character Panel.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause chat settings from restoring properly.
    • Action BarS hortcut spells now visually change when they are disabled, as intended.
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the costumes UI.
    • Mail now has an error message if you try to send mail as a guest account (which you are not allowed to do, for economy balance reasons).
    • Fixed an error caused by trying to collect a Boom Box while on cooldown.
    • Pre-Order Tutorials will no longer appear when a Player reaches certain levels.
    • Fixed an error caused by using an ability on an immune target.
    • There are new map icons that indicate whether a quest objective is physically located above or below the player character.
    • Fixed an error caused by closing the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange window while a notification window was showing.
    • Fixed an error that was fired whenever a player gifted C.R.E.D.D to a friend.
    • Tier 2 and 3 Survivalists Thicket Plugs will now start growing Tier 3 trees.
    • New Housing Decor is available from the PvP Loot Bags awarded at the end of a match.
    • Fixed a server crash caused by residence not being removed from the Social Panel's random visit list when the residence's owner was deleted.
    by Published on 07-16-2014 10:03 PM

    The final class update from Asyreal was posted this evening as well:

    wildstar Originally posted by Asyreal

    Hello Stalkers, I wanted to take a minute and go over some recent changes as well as those that will be coming in the future.

    With the recent patch we addressed quite a few things to help with issues Stalker’s were seeing in PvP:
    • Overall range increase on attacks
    • Impale Tier 4 armor penetration was increased
    • Movement speed was increased in Stealth
    • Reduced the resistance penalty while in Nano Skin Lethal
    • Tactical Retreat no longer shows a smoke trail when used and it also makes the Stalker harder to detect while active

    What to expect in the future:
    • CC Breaker
      • We are working on adjusting an ability to have it be a base CC break that is more usable by both Tanks and DPS
    • Nano Skin: Agile
      • We want to make this stance a more viable option
    • Neutralize
      • This will have its cost increase stack cap reduced by 1
    • Impale
      • This will hit 2 targets up from 1
    • Bloodthirst
      • This will be a more valuable utility ability at the base tier
    • Bug Fixes
      • We have more bug fixes on the way to resolve various issues
    • Stalker Tank
      • Currently the Stalker tank is performing well in Raids and Dungeons but is a little stronger than intended in and we have slight balance changes prepared for an upcoming patch

    We also have plenty of changes planned for underused Ability Tiers and AMPs. Like the Esper, these changes are a work in progress and as we get closer to these changes going live I will update you with what you can expect.
    by Published on 07-16-2014 07:09 PM

    Meerkat posted the next round of class updates in the Engineer forums this afternoon:

    wildstar Originally posted by Meerkat

    Hey everybody,

    I wanted to give a quick update on the Engineer. These are some of the things we are currently working on or investigating for future updates:
    • Bot AI – In the short term we will continue to resolve bugs as they come up. For the long term we have developed a plan that should greatly improve pet behaviors.
    • Performing audits on all spells in order to address issues that are not obvious but are negatively impacting gameplay.
    • Looking into Revisiting Mortar Strike and finding a place where it could really shine.
    • Cleaning up interaction of spells and AMPs that key off of the 30-70 Volatility zone.
    • General Tank damage output and threat pacing.
      • We’re looking into ways to increase damage output of all tanks and normalizing threat generation.

    • DPS balance across all classes is something we’re actively reviewing and have some major changes in the works.

    Generally, the Engineers are in a much better spot now than they were at launch. However - we will be keeping up the work in order to squash bugs, improve bot behaviors, and introduce more quality of life improvements.

    Thanks all!

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