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    by Published on 04-16-2014 11:33 AM

    Warplots have received an official Press release today, with an addition of WildStar-Online.com's Warplots page along with the official WildStar Flick for Warplots which we've seen from PAX East. While not totally unexpected, there is a hint to a "Drop 2," so perhaps we haven't seen everything yet!

    Press Release

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    If you like to kick @$$ there just ain’t nothin’ better than a Warplot. What are Warplots? We’ve included a link below to Carbine Studios’ latest WildStar Flick that introduces this unique 40v40 PvP feature.

    Warplots are part of WildStar’s Elder Game (level 50) PvP and combines strategy and team coordination with competition and a crapload of fun into a fortress on fortress PvP showdown! Gather your army and pimp out your Warplot with all the goodies -- plasma cannons, mines, incinerators, rocket launchers, bunkers, teleporters, defense grids, attack ships, robot factories, nuclear power plants, orbital strike capabilities and more! Catch something at the bottom of one of the dungeons? You can use that too.

    There are two win scenarios in Warplots and you’ll earn currency in every match, which can be used to purchase plugs and other upgrades, plus sweet PvP Warplots loot! Additional details will roll out next week with the DevSpeak video. Until then, enjoy the Flick!

    Warplots Flick


    by Published on 04-15-2014 10:16 AM

    Costume Changes

    wildstar Originally posted by Baryonyx

    Hi everyone!

    When we first discussed the costume system changes, we noted that there would be a couple of steps to getting it to where we wanted it. The March beta has the earliest parts of those changes. While not ideal, the March beta version of this system represents a necessary first step in getting the system to where it is going. The April beta will introduce a new UI for editing costumes and dyeing items that addresses many of the concerns discussed in this thread.

    This new UI will allow you to do some things that are not possible in the March beta:

    • You will be able to see the number of dyeable areas on a piece of gear equipped into a costume or main inventory slot. Each item can have up to 3 dyeable areas, but there are quite a few with only 1 or 2 areas. There are even some with none. This information is not available in the March beta, meaning that you are unable to make informed decisions about the dyes you're trying to apply.
    • You will be able to selectively dye on a per area basis per item more easily. The dye controls in the previous betas have not been as clearly laid out as they will be going forward.
    • When an item is equipped into a costume slot, it is dyeable. Gone are the days where you cannot dye gear because you have a costume equipped, or can only dye a costume piece if you equip it in your main slots.

    Also, some additional information for everyone regarding some of the other points that came up:

    • The costume system lets you equip any piece of armor, regardless of class. If you are a light armor class, you can use Medium and Heavy armor items, in addition to the Costumes and Light Armor you can normally wear. These items will apply no stats, but you can have the look.
    • Weapons, on the other hand, have different rules. We do not allow you to use weapons as costumes if they are not for your class. Weapons also cannot be hidden. These items are iconic class identifiers, and we want them to remain that way.
    • There are more than 2 costume slots. In the March and April beta, costume slots unlock at levels 7, 14, 25, 35, 45 and 50, for a total of 6 available to each character. The total number we will have at launch is in flux, but there will certainly be more than 2.
    • We will still be locking editing to an NPC in the cities, as previously noted. We know that the hope from everyone is for these to be editable remotely. We're discussing how we'd like that to work, but for launch we will be using this approach, as we do not intend for costume slots to be used as a solution for carrying multiple gear sets.
    • We don't currently support toggling base gear on and off, but it is something we can consider as a future improvement.
    • I come from CoH, so I completely understand the desire for the system to be based on a set of unlocks that you get once and have forever. However, there are technical limitations that currently prevent us from using this approach. That's not to say it can never happen, but it is not something we can do any time soon.

    Thank you for your patience as we evolve this system. Please keep the feedback coming!

    Clarification on Boom Boxes

    wildstar Originally posted by Baryonyx

    One important thing to mention about Boom Boxes: they are account-based, rather than character-based. The 22hr. cooldown for them is to claim a single box from the account inventory to the personal inventory of a single character. For example, if your account receives 30 boxes, you can claim one every day for 30 days, spread across your characters however you wish. But it is still only 30 boxes total for the whole account, not 30 boxes for every individual character on the account.

    This also means that the only way to flood your inventory with boxes is to slowly trickle them into the same character's inventory over 30 days and never open a single one!

    No LFR/Flex Raiding

    wildstar Originally posted by Timetravel

    We currently have no plans for LFR or Flex-style raiding.

    Path Changes

    wildstar Originally posted by Locoratos

    Thanks guys for the feedback. We have been listening and sadly it is a bit late to do an entire overhaul designing soldier. I can say safely that we are making changes and adding things here and there so that the Path's itself will mean more in the long run.

    Hopefully you all will enjoy some of the changes. Also keep in mind that each path caters to a different player type and were never meant to be equal. Each Path has its strength and weakness. SWAT for example are only given to soldiers and allows them to kill specific content mobs much faster than any other path (not including quest weapons).

    Again thanks for the feedback and we are watching all these threads to see where we can improve.

    Caydiem on Questing / Delivering an RPG Story

    wildstar Originally posted by Caydiem

    As many folks have said, we try to deliver story in a variety of ways outside the actual quest objective, and do our best to use every character of the space we do have in quest text to give you a good understanding of the situation. Some days I may miss the comparatively luxurious quest text boxes of other games where I could ramble on about all manner of things, but I'm very glad for our approach here. It not only makes me very conscious of my word choice, but directs me to follow a solid philosophy of storytelling in games.

    You've probably heard the phrase "show, don't tell," when it comes to storytelling, particularly in a visual medium. In games, because the audience is an active participant, that gets extended: "Show, don't tell -- but when you can, do, don't just show." If I tell you that the squirg are a threat, as an example, that is less effective than showing you what the squirg do to people. Still more effective is having the squirg affect you, the participant, to truly grasp what they're capable of. We try to bring out the story as much in the world proper as we can rather than relying upon our players to read all the quest text.

    Now there are situations where we need to convey more than the quest text can reasonably hold and we can't give the players that information through more visual or interactive means. In the cases where more history or information would be helpful, we use the optional conversation options within the quest. You can follow each question -- marked by an ellipsis button -- to learn more about the situation. Not every quest has (or needs!) these, but we do use 'em when we feel it makes sense.

    I understand the desire to get as much lore as possible, and we want to bring it to you in a variety of ways. For now, check out the conversations in hubs. Look at what intelligent creatures say when you start fighting and killing them. Don't hesitate to click those more info buttons when they show up on quests. Check out the summaries of quests both when they're active and once you've finished 'em. You've recognized that we've got journals and datacubes out there in spades, but there's more. And heck, Scientists get access to even more contextual lore!

    We've put it out there for folks to find. It's just not all condensed into quest text itself.

    Raiding Clear Times

    reddit Originally posted by CRB_Timetravel

    Q: How much time will these raids take?
    ~3-5h for Genetic Archives ~4-6h for Datascape Each has a 1-week lockout And those are clear-times *after* you know the entire instance and can kill each boss.
    by Published on 04-11-2014 08:20 PM

    The WildStar Dev Team panel was held today at PAX East 2014, and there's was a surprising amount of new and exciting information dropped during the presentation. The Carbine Studios panel crew consisted of Jeremy Gaffney, Stephan Frost, Chad Moore, Jen Gordy, Christopher Lynch, and Joe Piepiora. Check out some of the highlights below.

    Elder Game - World Stories

    Chad Moore discussed a lengthy bit about something we've only heard whispers about - solo questing for Elder Game content. The reveal included details about a quest chain for solo-oriented lore hunters working with a ghostly NPC called Drusera. This quest chain reveals a bit more about Drusera and your own personal involvement with the disappearance of the Eldan from Nexus, as well as the rise of the corrupting menace known as the Strain.

    Elder Game - Items

    Joe Piepiora covered items, and revealed the different levels of gear which are available in the raiding content: Purple (Epic) gear from Genetic Archives, Orange (Legendary) gear from Datascape, and Pink (Artifact) gear which can be rarely found in the 40 man. Artifact gear is set up with a lot of difficult Imbuements, and eventually to complete the artifact, two 40 man raid bosses must be fought together - perhaps requiring the cooperation of an 80-man group

    Elder Game - Raids

    Chris Lynch, head of combat design in WildStar, showed off some footage of raids and discussed a bit about Carbine's philosophy behind them. Along with footage of Genetic Archives (20 man), we got to see the first glimpse of Datascape, the 40 man dungeon.

    PvP & Warplots Flick Reveal

    Jen Gordy, Senior PvP Systems Designer talked briefly about the various types of PvP content that is within the game. While most of the coverage we have seen already with the most resent WildStar livestream, the team did show of their newest WildStar Flick which was met with a hugely positive response.

    by Published on 04-11-2014 11:26 AM

    PAX East 2014 has officially kicked off, and NCSoft/Carbine Studios spared no expense in making this convention a big success for WildStar. In terms of events, the most notable is a livestream today on Twitch.TV/PAX for the game. You can also view the entire weekend schedule for Carbine Studios and WildStar on the NCSoft website.

    UI 2.0 Screenshot, Stalker
    A screenshot was posted last night by a -REDACTED- user on Twitter who was kind enough to share this little nugget of goodness for those of us chomping at the bit to get our hands on UI 2.0:

    The new Stalker Class in UI 2.0

    The WildStar Booth
    Carbine Studios and NCSoft have always put together very visually-appealing booths at the conventions that they've attended in order to promote WildStar, and this year's PAX East 2014 booth looks just as impressive:

    WildStar Booth at PAX East, 2014

    PAX East 2014 Photos
    by Published on 04-09-2014 03:40 PM

    Mike Donatelli, Product Director at Carbine Studios posted a thread detailing some things to come in future for Elder Gems, Elder Points, and related rewards. He made specific mention that not everything will be in for launch, but will be coming down the pipeline soon after.

    wildstar Originally posted by DapperDonatelli

    Hey everyone,

    First, an apology that it took so long to get a reply out. The honest truth is that we've been hard at work on the latest patch, and wanted to make sure it was all set before we started talking about upcoming changes.

    That being said, the Elder Gem system you are seeing in-game today is only half of the intended final system. Elder Gem vendor purchases related to the power of your character were always supposed to be the secondary place to buy various gear/drops/items, with the primary method being through game content. The Elder Gem Vendor is in essence a "backup", a place to buy things should the RNG gods not favor you after weeks of trying to get a certain item off a boss or a quest.

    Unfortunately, the full system is not going to make it into the game before launch, but we're aiming to include it in the first major drop post-launch. We usually try to hold back from discussing future content, because it changes so rapidly during development, but I'm going to break some rules here and offer up a rare glimpse of our post launch plans to calm fears that the Elder Gem vendor will be the only way to earn various post-level cap rewards. A serious disclaimer, though: The following systems will not make it into the game at launch, but we're aiming to include it in the first major patch after launch. The additions are all subject-to-change during development and may not go live exactly as described below.

    The intended system as follows:

    • The weekly Elder Gem limit you see today is specifically intended for Elder Gems that are earned though Elder Points.
      • For those unaware, all XP at level 50 is converted to "Elder Points", which can be earned through any piece of content that would normally provide XP at level 50. Filling your Elder Points bar will grant you an Elder Gem, up to a certain weekly limit. Once you reach that cap your XP is turned into money.

    • Post-launch, we will be introducing various methods to earn Elder Gems beyond the weekly cap. This will include a variety of Weekly Quest options (letting you choose which type of content you wish to play in return for Elder Gems), Daily Quests, Boom Boxes and more.
    • Additional Amp points and Ability Tier points will be earned through drops found throughout the game, with the Elder Gem vendor only being used as a "fallback" should your luck fail you.
      • There is a clear upper limit to the amount of additional AMP/Ability Tier points you can earn at level 50 and is something we'll constantly revisit as new content gets released post-launch.
      • These new AMP and Ability Tier point consumable items will be sellable on the Auction House, allowing you to trade the points as needed with other players, unlike the items you buy from the Elder Gem vendor which are not tradeable.

    Again, I don't want to dive too deeply into our post-launch plans, since we only have a limited amount of time left to focus on the launch game, but I did want to reassure everyone that there is a wider plan for how to earn elder game rewards that goes beyond saving up a year's worth of currencies. When we get close to the time where the above systems will be going into the game, we'll make sure to get them up on the public test realm so we can get your feedback before we push them live.

    Thanks so much for your feedback and discussions about this understandably hot topic. Honestly, it's that kind of passion that gets us amped up to make Wildstar.

    Mike Donatelli
    Product Director
    Carbine Studios - Wildstar

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