• Name Reservation Begins May 13th

    Update 10:46 AM EST: Pre-orders END on May 23rd. If you want into early-access, be sure to pre-order prior to that date.

    For those of you who already have NCSOFT accounts, a newsletter went out tonight with information regarding character name reservation during the open beta period. The official dates are from May 13th to May 23rd with reservations being first come, first serve.

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    We're excited to announce that on May 8th, we will be starting Open Beta! Through May 18th, you'll be able to continue to explore Nexus up to level 30, and get familiar with exploring, fighting and questing as we make our way towards head start and launch!

    As part of pre-ordering WildStar, you'll be able to make an even bigger mark on Nexus by registering one character and one guild name prior to launch! That means your desired name will be safer than a datachron in a Draken's dreadlocks. Try saying that three times fast.

    The name reservation page will only be available from May 13th through May 23rd, so be sure you check back to the site early so you can get your top choice, as reservations are first come, first serve. We will also have a FAQ section on the name reservation page that'll fill you in on all of your questions, including name restrictions, which servers the name will be saved to, and more.

    See you on Nexus!

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