• Open Beta Coming Soon, Chris Lynch Leaves Carbine

    Jeremy Gaffney confirmed via a Reddit post that the open beta will be coming soon. The process will most likely involve grabbing keys from WildStar-Online.com and applying them to your account to play.

    reddit Originally posted by CRB_Gaffer

    Ya, also we have open beta coming up soon, where we'll just hand out keys like candy.

    reddit Originally posted by CRB_Gaffer

    Usually the bonus weekends are preorder only, but sometimes we do partner key giveaways as well. We'll announce which this one is soon (I don't know for sure so I don't want to give wrong info; sometimes these are chances to get more folks in the game and sometimes the ops guys are like "well, it's a little overtime but why the hell not let everyone in")

    Having said that we'll do an open beta pre launch that is as purely open as we can make it - just make an account, grab a key from our main site, and play play play. So even if we don't do a key giveaway through a partner this week there will be other opportunities, I guarantee it.

    We're actually not a fan of "pay so you can get the beta" as opposed to "play the beta so you can decide if you want to pay" - part of why we do the bonus weekends is giving some extra benefits to those who did preorder early since we are a new IP/new developer those folks IMO took a leap of faith on us and we want to make sure we live up to our end of that bargain. It gives as much back as possible (and lets people make an informed decision).

    The folks over at WildStarFans.net have also confirmed that Chris Lynch (Lead Combat Designer) has left Carbine Studios on good terms:

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    Chrisí decision to move on was based on what he feels is best for himself and his family, we are sad to see him go. He was a great asset to Carbine during his time here and his contributions to WildStar will always be appreciated and remembered. He leaves us on good terms and his decision to move on is mutually accepted by everyone involved; we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

    Team WildStar

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