• Winter Closed Beta Clarification, only Weekends Available

    Update 3:10PM EST

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    I've updated the initial post to hopefully clear up any confusion. In short:

    • Beta is no longer 24/6 after March 16th. We're transitioning to weekend testing only on March 21st.
    • There will still be an open beta between these beta weekends and launch.

    Sorry for any confusion we initially caused.

    Looks like there's no more full closed beta test, only four weekend tests if you're past level 32 or you preorder.

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    Hi friends!

    With a bittersweet sigh, I'm here to declare that Winter Beta will be ending on March 16th (which is probably good since Winter's almost over too). On the upside, though, the Pre-Order Beta will immediately follow this phase, and ANYONE is welcome to join us for it!

    Here's the FULL explanation of what's actually going on starting on March 16th.

    • After March 16th, everyone is being removed from the Closed Beta. No exceptions.
    • On March 19th, if you pre-order the game your account will be reactivated to give you access to the four Beta Weekends we have coming up in March and April.
    • Pre-Order beta is no longer on the 24/6 schedule you're used to. Instead, we'll be running 4 beta weekend events between now and launch. The first weekend begins March 21st and runs through the 23rd. The full schedule's up on the pre-order site (but is subject to change, of course).
    • "Permanent" Winter Beta testers who have a level 32 or higher character on their account will also have their account reactivated so that we can continue to test high-level content between now and launch. You'll still need to pre-order if you want to receive all those goodies, though!
    • Stress Testers and Weekend Testers are ineligible for this opportunity, but are welcome to pre-order to continue playing their existing characters!

    We're really excited to be moving into the next phase of beta, and we hope you'll join us as this Hype Train speeds towards the June 3rd launch of WildStar! Thanks so much for your help and support these past few months, and we'll see you again soon!
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    1. Wigg1es's Avatar
      Wigg1es -
      I'm not really sure how they plan to test Warplots, the new UI, all the new class balance changes, and make adjustments to the world PvP feedback they will get from this week and have more iteration on that subject with such limited testing windows until Open Beta/launch. Not real pumped about this.
    1. Stormie's Avatar
      Stormie -
      I agree with Wiggles. Not mad, definitely perturbed. I think they really could have handled this better. Up until this point they've been really open and clear and I think they hurt that rep a little with the way this was handled.

      Not sure why they chose to take this tack. But, it is what it is.
    1. Devla's Avatar
      Devla -
      So I was a "Weekend" tester and got a character to level 27. On the last weekend, I was told that the "Level 32" thing was limited to only Winter Beta testers, so I pretty much halted leveling my main and tried out other classes.

      Kind of crappy that the Winter Beta testers had MONTHS to level characters to 32 in order to gain a bonus, and yet those of use that came close to 32 in a few days get the shaft.

      Anyway, not bitter just questioning logic. Higher level content needs more testing than lower levels, right?

      Oh well, on the 21st we have to start all over again. Time to go in altoholic mode methinks. I don't think I'll be spending a lot of time to get to higher level just so we can be wiped again. Would love to be able to test some higher level content, but apparently that is reserved for the elite.
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