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    The Ruins of Kel Voreth is a level 20 dungeon found in the southeast corner of Auroria, a Dominion-controlled zone. You can enter prior to 20, but cannot use the dungeon finder until reaching level 20 and first discovering the entrance. Exile characters will have a difficult time discovering the dungeon prior to the mid 30s, as there is no clear path to Auroria until they reach Wilderrun.

    The ruins are populated by gigantic, barbaric, and warlike humanoids called the Osun, who are believed to have been created by Eldan for reasons since lost to history. The particular Osun of the ruins are from the Voreth tribe.

    "The Voreth Osun tribe are descended from one of the most powerful ancient Osun clans to dwell on Nexus. After the Eldan vanished, they were among the first to emerge from hiding to reclaim the territory lost in the conflict with their old enemies. Now they have seized control of their ancestral home, the ruined city of Kel Voreth in Auroria. There they plan to exploit the secrets of Eldan technology and rid the planet of offworlders once and for all." - Galactic Archives

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    Grond, the Corpsemaker

    Grond is the first boss you encounter in the Ruins of Kel Voreth. He appears shortly after clearing the first three pulls in the Blood Pit. The dungeon group will have to contend with Grond's attacks while keeping wary of the various traps throughout the arena. Landing in a trap will stun your character and deal considerable damage over time, and you will need to utilize the breakout mechanic in order to survive. Traps will respawn shortly after being consumed, so you cannot clear the pit of traps prior to the pull.

    Phase 1
    Your tank should start the initial pull by facing Grond away from the rest of the party members, keeping him near the center-edge of the area that is free of traps in the middle. DPS/healers should be aware of the periodic frontal cone-attack that Grond performs on the tank, and avoid standing near his mouth where possible. In Phase 1, Grond performs two major attacks you need to look out for: a charge ability, and a skill called Thrash.

    The charge ability occurs to a random party member other than the tank, and does significant damage to them. Afterwards, he returns to the tank. He will perform a cone-attack shortly after charging, so it is wise to dodge away from him if you aren't the target so you don't get hit by the cone as Grond scurries back.

    The second ability, Thrash, is the primary ability throughout the fight that you should be concerned with. Thrash occurs when Grond begins digging into the ground, which starts a telegraph around his body. After completion, he will begin spinning in circles, kicking up fissure-type line telegraphs that extend from him. Thrash fissures will knock you back and deal an immense amount of damage, sometimes one-shotting depending on your range from Grond. The skill does more damage the further you are away, and the knockback has a high chance of launching you into a trap, which can easily result in a death or a wipe - especially if it is the healer who gets caught.

    The best way to deal with Thrash is to coordinate interrupt rotations among your party. Grond carries 2 interrupt armor normally, so you need to use three interrupts to stun him.

    Phase 2
    In Phase 2, Grond picks up one more ability. He will perform a very large AoE attack called Bellow, and afterwards fall over and spawn additional mobs. He will remain on the ground for a short period of time, then stand back up and continue his assault. Getting hit by the AoE attack will deal a large amount of damage and subdue you, causing you to be disarmed for a lengthy duration. You can end the disarm duration early by locating a blue-glowing weapon on the ground. Since the AoE is centered around Grond, it is easy for ranged and healers to move out of the area. Melee/tank will most likely need to use some sort of teleport/leap mechanism to escape Bellow.

    The main priority is for the healer to avoid being subdued. All other unsubdued party members should then focus on cleaning up the adds, and return to the boss afterwards. Do not waste interrupts on trying to stop the subdue AoE, you will need them for continued Thrashes.

    Phase 3
    Phase 3 occurs when Grond is below 30%. After an emote is played about Grond going into a murderous frenzy, he will begin using a multi-hit conal attack called Mutilate. He will also continue using all other attacks from previous phases.

    Slavemaster Drokk

    Slavemaster Drokk is the second boss you will encounter in the Ruins of Kel Voreth. He is found after clearing a good portion of the Eldan-looking wing in the southeastern part of the instance. The encounter consists of various phases where Drokk will recede into a portal and summon various robots to blow up your party.

    Portal Phase 1
    The first portal phase begins shortly after engaging the boss. Drokk will enter his portal and summon a bunch of sentries which will spread out around the battlefield and blow up after a short period of time. The team must converge on one sentry and attempt to dps it down before it blows in order to create a safe-zone. Failure to do so will cause the party to take a large amount of damage, but it is survivable as long as everyone is kept healthy prior to detonation.

    Active Phase
    The active phase refers to the short phase where Drokk is outside of his portal and you can dps him. After the first Portal Phase, there is a short active phase followed by the Enslave Phase.

    Enslave Phase
    During this phase, Slavemaster Drokk will knock everyone back and tether each party member to their own pylon. While tethered, you can only move a short distance. During the Enslave Phase, Drokk will continually pulse AoE damage with a skill called Suppression Wave and shoot lasers at target party members. The goal of the phase is to dps the pylons down and then return to Drokk for another short active phase. The healer will most likely need assistance in damaging the pylon, and the group should generally clear all tethers before returning to Drokk. After this phase occurs, Drokk will continue to use Suppression Wave on subsequent active phases.

    Portal Phase 2
    When < 50%, Drokk will return to the portal and start another portal phase. This time, he will send out droids which will track certain party members and detonate once in range. The droids need to be dpsed down while the targeted member is out of range. At the end of the phase, all remaining droids will be triggered to detonate, and Drokk will return for another active phase. Ranged characters are very useful for this phase as they can kite the droids from a safe distance and continue to do damage.

    The last active phase is a semi-enrage. Along with the Suppression Wave skill he picked up from the Enslave Phase, the portal now frequently spawns sentries which pick an area to move to, then detonate. You must dodge the sentry explosions along with Suppression Wave while damaging the boss until he dies.

    Forgemaster Trogun

    Forgemaster Trogun is the final boss of the Ruins of Kel Voreth, and is found at the end of the forge area in the southwestern portion of the dungeon. The encounter is a pretty generic tank-and-spank affair with lots of environmental AoE events happening throughout the fight.

    Immediately upon engaging Trogun, he will run to the forge and begin casting Exanite Weapon. During the cast, the forge battle area will erupt in flame-spewing mini-volcanoes. You must dodge the volcanoes and the projectiles they spew. You cannot attack Trogun during this phase, but after casting Exanite Weapon he will leave the forge and start attacking the party.

    Main Phase

    During the main phase, Forgemaster Trogun mainly uses his Volcanic Strike attack that leaves behind more fissure-volcanoes. The party simply needs to dodge the Volcanic Strike, the volcanoes, and the volcano's projectiles while dpsing the boss.

    At about 70%, he will cast a move called Forgemaster's Call. This skill will generate a large telegraph beneath Trogun while spawning several friendly fire orbs at the edge of the forge area that make their way to him. The party needs to pick up as many fire orbs as possible before they reach Trogun or he will do a massive attack to the team. The orbs will also give you a small buff that boosts your damage. After Forgemaster's Call, he will continue his normal main phase skills.

    After falling below 50%, he will return to the forge and start casting Exanite Weapon again. This time, fiery razor disks will launch from the forge across the level, and the party will have to dodge them during the cast. Afterwards, he returns once again to casting Volcanic Strike.

    Below 20%, he will eventually cast Forgemaster's Call again. This time, however, there are fiery razor disks that shoot throughout the stage along with the fire orbs which the party has to pick up. This is the hardest part of the fight, and you generally just need to survive without letting too many fire orbs get to Trogun. Classes with damage reduction cooldowns should save them for this skill, and movement abilities such as Leap or Urgency help greatly in retrieving the orbs.

    Upon surviving the second Forgemaster's Call, the rest of the fight is a continued main phase skillset until death.

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