• WildStar Winter Beta Patch 3 - Illium Overhaul

    The Winter Beta 3 patch has landed this afternoon on beta servers, bringing along a slew of new changes. Dominion players will notice a big difference in the layout and architecture of Illium, ultimately cultivating a livelier atmosphere to the capital city. Along with an upgrade to the Luminous Gardens area, crafting and tradeskill depots now also have their own buildings. Other various new doodads can be found throughout the city as well. Check it out in the video and screenshots below.

    Disclaimer: This is brand new footage from Winter Beta Patch 3, and as such there are some issues you may see. The devs are still hard at work at the Illium changes, so this does not reflect what the final city may look like.


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    1. bertair7's Avatar
      bertair7 -
      Looks pretty...
    1. Robinsekai's Avatar
      Robinsekai -
      Still looks empty honestly. They need to add some particle effects, like leaf air twirls around the city to make it seem more alive than just a 3d modeled city
    1. makwilliams's Avatar
      makwilliams -
      Awe it looks so....regal! I love it, especially the big statue lady, very fancy.
    1. Sylph's Avatar
      Sylph -
      I like this much better. Before it was very flat but now all these buildings add height, dynamic and overall appeal to the place.

      I feel like it only looks empty because the amount of players are low. Sure, we're going to see a large population have their "afk spots" in the Housing area but you'll still have people jumping around town.

      I know it's going to be said that the Exile capital is much more lively despite beta but for me that's okay. Due to the fact the Dominion are portrayed to have more resources at their disposal it makes sense their layout would be more widely spaced for the possiblity of future expansion while the Exile underdogs would throw things together because they would have more of a need to just try to quickly build a base up and worry later where to put things as time goes on.

      In terms of the NPCs I'll admit Thayd is more lively since they have things going on such as the alleyway fights and Draken interrogations but given Illium just got a makeover I'd like to think more of that type of thing will be added into Illium. Let's hope at least.
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