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    by Published on 04-23-2014 02:04 PM

    Jen Gordy aka Bardic, the Lead PvP Designer, posted some interesting statistics today on Twitter about Battlegrounds in WildStar and some increases coming to the experience players can earn for completing one:

    EU/NA Accounts and Keys Clarification
    CRB_Anlath, the UK/EU Community Manager put together extensive clarification today on the differences between a North American or European game account, and how that affects beta and live game access:

    wildstar Originally posted by CRB_Anlath

    Hey folks,

    We're starting to see a lot of people asking about EU/NA accounts, due to the recent beta weekend email with the two keys. As there does seem to be a lot of confusion, and not everybody is aware of the issues/problems, here's my attempt at a breakdown to explain it all;

    I got a beta weekend invite email with keys for NA and EU servers but there are no EU Servers/Realms what do I do?
    Relax. Currently all beta weekends occur on NA realms (servers) and EU folk can access these just fine. What IS important is using the key that matches your NCSOFT Account region.

    Why does it matter what region my account is?
    Your NCSOFT Account will be tied to either North America or Europe (this is usually determined by the first beta code you applied after we announced pre-order). If you try to apply a code that is different to your account's region it won't work and you get the "Code Unusable" error detailed here: https://support.wild...Unusable-error-

    One the EU realms are brought up, WildStar will be region locked. So EU accounts will only be able to access EU Realms. NA can only access NA realms and so on.

    I get that Code Unusable error! What do I do?
    You'll need to contact our Support Team so they can help you out. Check the link above for more info.

    So what key should I use from my email then?
    In theory, you should use the key that matches the region you want to play in. So if you are an EU player and want to play on EU realms at launch, use the EU key etc.

    If you have already created an NCSOFT account using a previous beta weekend key (from a gaming site etc) then you could have two options;

    1) Your account is already set to the region you want to play in (because you got a key from a site belonging to that region). In which case you can just apply the key you need and you should be good to go.
    2) Your account is set to a different region than the one you want (because you used a key from a site belonging to the other region). In which case you will need to either create a new account and use a key from the right region (easiest option) OR contact support regarding the code unusable error described above.

    So just to be clear, even if I use an EU code I can still play this weekend right?
    That's right. You'll be able to play, but you will be on the NA Realms so you may experience some latency/lag.

    What if I want to Pre-Order?
    If you ore-order directly from our store, it will detect your IP automatically and you will purchase a copy of the game suitable for your region. If you pay in a local or European currency you will have an EU copy of the game, if you pay in Dollars you will have an NA copy of the game.

    If you want to play in a different region to the one you are in, we recommend you purchase a copy of the game from a 3rd party retailer. But again, if you're NCSOFT account is a different region to the copy of the game you have purchased you will get the Code Unusable error.

    Hopefully that helps a little and should clear things up. Feel free to direct users here who may be having issues.

    (Please note this thread may need to get updated once the Carbine folk get in and can clarify a few things)

    Cheers, (Source)
    by Published on 04-23-2014 09:41 AM

    It's WIldStar Wednesday once again, and this time Stephan Frost and the rest of the Carbine team have delivered a new devspeak - this time on Warplots. If you didn't catch the PAX East coverage of Warplots, there's some hefty info there. The official Warplots page has also been updated with the new devspeak. Enjoy!

    by Published on 04-22-2014 09:53 PM

    A few notes were posted today on the official WildStar Forums regarding future updates to both dungeons and raids. At this time, there has been no date announced as to when these items will make it to the beta client.


    wildstar Originally posted by Timetravel

    Stormtalon's Lair

    • Silver and Gold Medals now have a 30m timer

    Blade-Wind the Invoker
    • Lowered autoattack damage by ~20% (Normal)

    Thunderbeak Fleshripper
    • Lowered autoattack damage by ~20% (Veteran)

    Ruins of Kel Voreth
    • Silver and Gold Medals now have a 40m timer

    Slavemaster Drokk
    • Destructo Bots should correctly chase players

    Forgemaster Trogun
    • Fixed a bug that was causing performance to drop with each successive attempt

    • Latecomers to will now be properly teleported to the correct section of the dungeon upon entering

    Mordechai Redmoon
    • Exceptionally high player DPS should no longer sometimes cause phases of his encounter to be skipped

    Molten Chasm
    • Laveka is now set to ignore combat timer and leash (Veteran)
    • Disabled nameplates for flame walls

    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Silver Medal now has a 75m timer (up from 60)
    • Zealous Lifesinger and Battlemaiden
      • Lowered autoattack damage by ~20% (Normal)


    Genetic Archives

    wildstar Originally posted by TImetravel

    Genetic Archives

    • Plague Breeder
      • Mass Vile Reproduction should work correctly once again

    Phage Maw
    • Updated Generators and related effects to use technophaged Eldan appearances and vFX

    Hideously Malformed Mutant
    • The Squidoras should once again chase players

    Gravitron Operator
    • Gravity Crush is now a donut-shaped telegraph centered on the Anti-Gravity Bubble


    Warplot Testing April 26th & 27th @ 1pm PDT / 9 pm GMT

    wildstar Originally posted by Frezz

    Alright we are in for round two of warplots on the new 2.0 UI.

    I was talking to Buiden in game and he told me a lot of fixes didn't make it into last weekends build in time. So the optimizatoins he promised about FPS we still have yet to see.

    Miss bardic will be around like always but we will stick to that time even if she is running late. (Weekends are her days "off" and family is #1)

    So I invite EVERYONE dominion or exile to join us! Get in contact with me in game or message me on the forums or post below.

    Warplot Testing April 26th & 27th @ 1pm PDT / 9 pm GMT

    If ANY of these TIMEs do not work let me know! Yes I know warplots can be a pain to set up but ONLY if you don't SHOW UP!

    PS: MR SMILEY OR COUGAR can we please get a Realm Announcement around these times? I will remind you on twitter if possible!
    by Published on 04-22-2014 06:16 PM

    Jeremy Gaffney confirmed via a Reddit post that the open beta will be coming soon. The process will most likely involve grabbing keys from WildStar-Online.com and applying them to your account to play.

    reddit Originally posted by CRB_Gaffer

    Ya, also we have open beta coming up soon, where we'll just hand out keys like candy.

    reddit Originally posted by CRB_Gaffer

    Usually the bonus weekends are preorder only, but sometimes we do partner key giveaways as well. We'll announce which this one is soon (I don't know for sure so I don't want to give wrong info; sometimes these are chances to get more folks in the game and sometimes the ops guys are like "well, it's a little overtime but why the hell not let everyone in")

    Having said that we'll do an open beta pre launch that is as purely open as we can make it - just make an account, grab a key from our main site, and play play play. So even if we don't do a key giveaway through a partner this week there will be other opportunities, I guarantee it.

    We're actually not a fan of "pay so you can get the beta" as opposed to "play the beta so you can decide if you want to pay" - part of why we do the bonus weekends is giving some extra benefits to those who did preorder early since we are a new IP/new developer those folks IMO took a leap of faith on us and we want to make sure we live up to our end of that bargain. It gives as much back as possible (and lets people make an informed decision).

    The folks over at WildStarFans.net have also confirmed that Chris Lynch (Lead Combat Designer) has left Carbine Studios on good terms:

    wildstar Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    Chrisí decision to move on was based on what he feels is best for himself and his family, we are sad to see him go. He was a great asset to Carbine during his time here and his contributions to WildStar will always be appreciated and remembered. He leaves us on good terms and his decision to move on is mutually accepted by everyone involved; we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

    Team WildStar

    by Published on 04-22-2014 11:48 AM

    Along with the announcement of an extra beta occurring this weekend, Craig Turner has announced that the level cap has also been increased to 25. The official beta times are from Friday, April 25th 16:00 CEST through Monday, April 28th 8:59 CEST.

    wildstar Originally posted by Cougar

    Hey all,

    The level cap will raise to 25 for this weekend. The period of testing we are in is not closed beta, it is not open beta, it is pre-order beta. There is nothing in this email about Open Beta.


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