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    by Published on 04-19-2014 02:08 PM

    Aodz, one of the Lead Class Designers for WildStar, posted today on the Official Forums providing some clarification on feedback about Healer/DPS arena pairs in 2v2. Healing output was balanced around encounters for larger than 2v2, but they will be be providing an update reducing the amount of healing capable in that specific arena bracket:

    wildstar Originally posted by Aodz

    Healing has been balanced for encounters larger than 2v2s, and the recent AMP nerfs have exposed how substatial that gap really is. Due to that, we have an update planned that will reduce healing output in 2v2 arena matches.

    For now, feedback on balance in 2 DPS vs 2 DPS arena matches or 3v3 (all roles) arenas will be more beneficial.

    Breakout Gameplay Changes
    Aodz also posted today about upcoming changes to breakout gameplay. Developers are planning to allow players to bind each specific breakout key without overriding other keybindings:

    wildstar Originally posted by Aodz

    You all might be interested to hear that we are planning on allowing you to set up unique key-binds for the stun breakout gameplay. That means if you want it to be the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 it can be - and it won't affect your other key bindings. (Source)
    by Published on 04-18-2014 10:49 PM

    Due to the large amount of issues (mostly affecting EU folks) present in the first day of this weekend's beta event, Carbine is extending beta access to Monday, April 21st.

    wildstar Originally posted by Scooter

    Hey everyone,

    As thanks for being so patient with us today as we sorted through a number of big issues, we'll be extending this beta weekend until Monday, April 21st at 11:59PM PDT.

    We'll continue to monitor and fix issues throughout the weekend, but we wanted to give you plenty of heads up so you can cancel all your Monday plans and stick around for more WildStar. Have a great weekend!

    by Published on 04-18-2014 01:19 PM

    The community team has been keeping us up to date on the current issues players are experiencing with the Weekend Beta. If you are an EU player and are experiencing issues, keep tabs on this thread for updates on a fix.

    wildstar Originally posted by Cougar

    Hey all,

    Here are the things my team are looking into right now:

    • TOP ISSUE: We're seeing reports about EU players receiving the message "No Valid Game Account Found" when trying to play. We've heard a few reports of this happening to NA players as well, but at a much smaller volume.
    • "Network Error: Connection Closed" errors are popping up when trying to log in.
    • Players are unable to delete characters on Nexus. (This has been resolved.)
    • Some players are reporting that characters cannot be created on any realm (receiving an "account full" error).
    • Reports of odd batches of latency.

    This is not a complete list, but we're going to actively add more to it as the day goes on. Please keep floating up any problems you see!

    wildstar Originally posted by Cougar

    Okay, so here's an update about what's going on with some of our EU players. I'm going to be up front about it, because the news isn't pretty, but we want to communicate what's going on now that we have the details.

    Between the two beta weekends, we made some updates to our account system to prepare for launch. Unfortunately, those updates are causing issues with accounts from various regions. As you've likely noticed, during beta our EU players are playing on NA servers, which isn't supposed to work that way and required some magical hackery to work in the first place, and the recent updates to our account system broke something along the way as well.

    This issue also has a weird side-impact: Some folks are able to successfully get into the game, but the game sees them as "Guest Pass" players, and is restricting their access to things like chat, trading, etc. This is a rare issue, but it's definitely something we've seen.

    Our teams (both at Carbine and NCSOFT) are running around right now trying to fix the issue ASAP, but the engineers tell us it may be a couple hours before it is resolved. I'm not sugarcoating this or pretending it's something it isn't. This is BAD, and we can only offer our apologies that it isn't working the way it was supposed to in the first place.

    We'll continue to update you as we have more details to share, but we wanted to get this out so those of you unable to login know you can take a break and check back in an hour or so for an update.

    by Published on 04-17-2014 10:22 PM

    David Bass has informed us that Runecrafting will not be available for this weekend's beta due to the Runecrafting UI not opening the proper window.

    wildstar Originally posted by Scooter

    In this weekend's beta test, the Runecrafting Station is not opening up the proper UI when clicked on. Unfortunately this means Runecrafting will be unavailable during this beta weekend.

    If we have any more information to share during the weekend, we'll update this thread. Thanks for your understanding!


    Dev Posts

    reddit Originally posted by Carbine Studios

    Thread: Regarding Oceanic players being directed to the EU servers, and how this will hurt us much more than help us.
    Hi guys,

    I'm going to look into this. It has always been my expectation that Oceanic players would be connecting to the Dallas data center. That being said, I'm not on the sales team, so I cannot say for certain (right now) if those retailers outlined above are doing something wrong or not. I will go find out though.

    While the investigation into this report continues, I have confirmed with our sales team that Australian Retailers are supposed to be issuing NA keys. The team is continuing to investigate the issue to make sure we haven't issued an incorrect batch of keys to any of those retailers. We also need to entertain the possibility that the front line retailers might have given out incorrect information as well (note: this is still our problem, as we need to make sure that we educate everyone selling our product correctly).
    Thanks again for bringing this up, and I'm happy to have been able to provide the clarity I have been able to do so so far. Oceanic keys will play on the NA region. Anything to the contrary is unintended or a bug that we need to squish.

    Q: ....b-body sliders? BODY SLIDERS! WOO!
    Body types actually at the moment rather than full sliders. Mis-spoke. Will be playable in the next patch for all to see.

    We may add more stuff later too, just we'll need to have a re-customize option in after launch before we add more stuff, so we tried to put in as much as we could manage pre-launch since it's easier before people have made their characters.

    Q: Are you guys planning to drop the cross-region lock any time soon? like I dont want to buy a new game and start a new account if i wanna join my EU friends.
    There's legal and other reasons around region locking, so it's tricky to give an answer, honestly - we would prefer to be completely unlocked, but it's a matter if we can do so legally, ethically, and financially.

    Q: I had an issue when running the tiki mask battleground, my client would stutter quite often for no visible reason. Didn't happen in combat, very odd. Never had a performance pop up, otherwise I would have put this there.
    One of the things that got fixed was an issue with many health bars in an area fluxuating rapidly causing slowdowns. Might be related (you really saw that in warplots).

    Q: He doesn't seem to understand the other side of the argument when it comes to PvP customization. I just wanted to pipe up and say there are plenty of players who like the fact that you can't PvP while hiding your leet gear or pvp naked.
    Being able to size up your opponents based on what gear you see them wearing is a ton of fun and a skill that is sorely missed in other games (wow).
    Oh, we def have people on both sides of the fence - there's strategy in looking weaker than you are, and strategy in knowing what kit out your opponent has. Everyone wants strategy, it's a matter of which kind.

    Q: Unless you live in Oceanic and you're basically ignored...
    Yeah, we're hopeful that we can get enough interest from Oceanic territory to justify the costs for full on support - it's a real tricky chicken and egg that has screwed the territory out of some pretty good games over time

    Q: People have to remember they are 'testing' atm and not 'playing'. Part of that means being patient, ESPECIALLY with optimization since it is always the last part of the development process.
    Yeah, but how many devs say they'll fix it for launch and don't? This is an area for us that needs improvement for sure; we can't ask people to "trust us" when we haven't launched to earn that trust yet.

    Q: Optimization really needs to be taken seriously, lots of people are turned off by performance issues.
    Yeah, we try to improve this every patch but it's something we definitely need more of. Especially (bizarrely) high end machines. Couple more fixes in tomorrow's patch, including for high density combat areas (warplots a prime example).

    But we have a full team working on this full time just tuning tuning. Agreed it's an area we can do better on (I give stats below, but a full 5% of people rate us at a 1 (lowest) for performance, and that's unacceptable (comparably, maybe 1-2% rate us a 1 for "fun").

    Q: You have to keep in mind these are the opinions of a big fan and longtime follower of the game. It still has an alarmingly low following this close to release in my opinion, so I wouldn't be so quick to throw out " one of the best MMOs ever." The game does have amazing potential, though. I think it can break the current trend of MMOs burning out in a few months, but I can't say with certainty that it will have any real lasting power.

    Now is a GREAT time to, when we do something cool (warplots, raids, w/e, devspeaks) - spread it around. We're devoted to winning our competitive MMO battles on a quality front, but we're against mega giants with millions of fans from the past with a brand new developer/game.

    All the hype we raise, no one will believe (who believes ads?) but you trust your friends. If you like our game, let others know!
    We have a great, tight, community but we're rarely reforwarded into big subreddits (/r/gaming, etc.) and we're not cheeseballs enough to pay folks to do it for us but rather let us earn it through real fans.

    Q: If those are the biggest issues with this game, it's going to be one of the best MMOs ever.
    I like that thought. As some of the other folks below mention, we're at the point where we really want to get the word out.

    Here's where we are at (IMO we can do better yet):
    We ask folks when they log out (randomly) the following questions:
    Did you have fun? (1-5, 5 good)

    How likely are you to buy/play after launch?

    How well did the game perform?
    Last data from the last few hundred thousand people through the game (i.e. not our folks who have been playing for up to 2 years, who as you would imagine tend to skew higher)
    Fun: Over 50% rate WS 5/5. Second most popular answer (over 25%) 4/5. next most popular answer 3/5. Trickle of 1's and 2's (2% 1's, for instance - actually quite surprising IMO given a jaded MMO user base).
    Purchase intent: Actually higher percentages of ratings above 4. 63% 5's in the last round. Kinda ridiculous really. There are more folks in now who have preordered, but it's still mostly new folks, but still.
    So that implies the game has getting better at a regular rate. It's pretty consistent ratings from 1-50 which is a little unusual (you'd expect a spike of negative ratings at 1-3 as people who just don't like something or have crappy performance quit early, but that's not the case.

    Performance: That's where we need work. 5% of people rate performance a "1" - that's too high. Ditto "2"'s at 10%. Out of the last 10k respondents on this question, we're almost exactly split among 3's, 4's and 5's. This is a general question, so it likely includes lag, frame rate, etc. Luckily it tracks up each patch we do (we're interested to see the data coming in after the patch hits this weekend)
    So that actually is more solid than a lot of launched games, but we think it should be much better. I'll probably talk more in other posts as this one is getting too long.
    TL;DR: Data's not everything but we like where it's at for overall fun. We always want to do better though (or we'd have stopped polishing a year ago heh)

    Thread: Are boss trophies for housing (like a stuffed boss skull you hang on your wall) a thing yet? if not , would you like to see them?
    Yes, there are trophies for killing bosses/etc (often as rare drops).

    Remember you can also capture many bosses to use in warplots which is IMO even cooler (why have the head when you can have the whole thing).

    Q: I'm wondering how awesome this will be for a sole player like me. I'm probably not going to play with any or just one friend because they don't want to spend the cash or are busy. Would this appeal to me? I obviously dont mind going on mumble/ventrilo/teamspeak to talk with people and socialize, but will it be as fun? That's my main concern.
    You can sign up as a mercenary to other groups' warplots, and get warcoin/other rewards to get stuff useful to you as a soloer. So there's a role for you in it, though it's aimed a lot at persistent groups.

    Q: I wish they'd upload all the videos they used at the panel; sometimes the stream director was cutting to shots of the panel while a dev would say "how many of you guys would be able to dodge this?" and I'm just sitting there starting at Frost and Chad.
    We'll have devspeaks coming out with much of that footage; it's B-roll shots of random raiders often (some is our QA team or dev team in there fightin' stuff) so we'll probably hold off on putting out the B-footage since the devspeak will be higher quality.

    Q: Do we know if it's possible to queue for the dungeon of the enemy faction instantly at 20?
    Yes, it is. However, players must still discover Skullcano and Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden before being able to queue.

    Additionally, the LFG tool will always rally your group. If you would prefer to run it above-level or un-rallied, you must travel to the zone and enter via the front door... cave... boat... thing... Look, lore is Pappy's thing.
    by Published on 04-17-2014 09:46 PM

    Note: Some of these bugs were introduced with last week's UI 2.0 patch, so it's possible these bugs were never visible to players in the first place. Still... enjoy all these fixes this weekend!

    • In the Combat Log, fall damage should now properly differentiate between group members and the player.
    • When being disconnected for inactivity, players will be returned to the login screen.
    • Account-wide friends should once again show up properly.
    • Fixed an issue where instances were sometimes erroneously reporting themselves as full, preventing players from entering.
    • Fixed an issue where disconnecting immediately after changing zones cause strange behavior when a player next logged in.
    • Fixed a problem which prevented players from creating account-level friendships during their very first play session.

    • Withdrawing a stack of items from a guild bank now counts as a single withdrawal towards the guild member’s daily limit.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error in the Guild icon design window if a Player attempted to change the icon more than once without closing the window.
    • Fixed an issue with the Guild UI not resetting correctly after a guild is disbanded.

    • Wastebeak Lurker was flying straight into the side of a mountain. Gave Wastebeak Lurker a different flight path.
    • Adjusted path for Sourgut the Necrotic so that he didn't step on weird things.

    • Aurin females now hold their weapons correctly.
    • The Mechari female no longer slides around while walking with a gun.

    • Item dyes learned quickly in succession will no longer be forgotten.
    • Wrathwraps can now be equipped by the appropriate classes.
    • Steel Retainers are now Medium Feet instead of Heavy Feet.
    • Item Special - Siphon Essence - Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 50%.
    • Item Special - Reduced Burden - Reduced the chance for this to trigger to 10%, down from 20%. Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 80%.
    • Item Special - Focused Will - Reduced the Focus heals from this special by 90%.
    • The boots of the Netslasher's Cybernetic and Netslasher's Biomimetic sets are now properly named as boots instead of chest armor.
    • Players can no longer swap inventory items while one of those items is a pending attachment to a mail.
    • Deleting a bag that is currently in use is no longer allowed. The bag will need to be first dragged to an open inventory slot.

    • Verdant Defense can now be equipped by the correct classes.

    • The reset AMP button is now disabled when you are already at max points.

    Engineer (Forums)

    Medic (Forums)
    • Annihilation
      • Fixed a bug where the field visuals were being recreated every tick rather than once per cast. Additionally fixed an issue where Tiers 4-8 were using the old animation.
    • Emission
      • Fixed a bug where Tier 3 would cast Restrictor.

    • Stay With Me
      • Fixed a bug where the AMP would constantly reapply when taking damage while below 30% health. Additionally fixed an issue where the buff would sometimes not remove when the Medic's health rose above 30%.

    Spellslinger (Forums)
    • Vitality Burst
      • Will now properly play its charging sound before the spell is fired.

    Warrior (Forums)

    • Fortify
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing this AMP from applying correctly when above 50% Shields.

    • PvP vendors no longer sell items for Gold instead of Prestige.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented rated PvP from matching teams for play.

    • Fixed an issue where the change in an arena team's rating was not being shown at the end of a match.

    Walatiki Temple
    • Increased size of the buffs in Walatiki Temple.

    • The Furnace, Gas Processing, and Nuclear Plant hazards will now extend through the generator area of the warplot.
    • Increased the damage frequency of the Furnace and Nuclear Plant hazards.
    • Fixed an issue where Warplot hazards effects could still be applied after player death and respawn.
    • There are now team force fields prohibiting enemy troop movement into the center of the warplot. If a generator is destroyed, the nearest center force field will be deactivated, allowing enemy access to the Super Weapon, Travel, and Boss plugs on the Warplot. Guards and Warplot bosses will be unimpeded by this team force field.
    • Fixed an error that appeared when placing a Warplot plug while the Warparty bank is open.

    • Player’s teleporting into the Crimson Badlands' Exo-Lab 22 will no longer be teleported to Deradune incorrectly upon entering.
    • Fixed some NPCs that were casting some spells with telegraphs that they weren't casting.

    • Several achievements which were set to award 0 points will now award 10 points.
    • The Arkship Achievements 'Domination for the Dominion' and 'Welcome to the Planet' are now hidden until completed and worth 0 Achievement Points.
    • The Great Hunt episode in Deradune will no longer unlock multiple achievements on completion.
    • Fixed an issue where subcategories in the Achievements window could not be deselected

    • Fixed a display issue that could display your current progress on a Challenge as a negative number under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented challenge cooldowns from starting if the challenge ended due to time running out and at least one tier was achieved.
    • The challenge announcer will now indicate when gold level is achieved.

    • The visual effects for the quest ‘Watcher’s Warning’ will now display properly.
    • Sound effects have been added to the Caretaker Showdown.
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘Tales From Beyond The Fringe’ spawns that made it impossible to complete.

    Crimson Badlands
    • Dominion players who complete the quest ‘Guarding the Front’ will now receive the correct reputation reward.

    • Fixed an issue where the bones from Chompy's meals would never despawn.

    Everstar Grove
    • Addressed a map hex east of The Arboretum that was making it impossible to achieve 100% exploration of Everstar Grove.
    • Dominion Tank's Bombardment telegraph should now properly deal damage.

    • Added dismount button to Timber Raven Mount.
    • Changed the location of two ‘Tales From Beyond the Fringe’ keys that were not previously accessible to both factions.

    • Certain jump pads in the Widowmaker and in the Fist of Azrion are no longer stuck in the floor!
    • Active location for Peep Chase has been updated to properly reflect the challenge area.
    • Reduced challenge requirement amount from 15 to 10 for Disarming Fingers in the Sprawling Breach.
    • The Phage Cannons are no longer selectable.
    • Adjusted the timing of the exploding Corrupted Cankertails to help visuals.

    • Assigned the correct sound event to datacube ‘Protocol Deterioration’.
    • Resolved an issue where Whitevale Trees were increasing in tier rank as players harvested them.

    • Corrupted Bloom's will now display the awareness icon when becoming aware of a player.

    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to be teleported beneath the world, or up in the air when leaving the boundaries of an Adventure.
    • Players will now be teleported to their last valid location when they leave the adventure bounds.
    • Falling off the bridge at Skywatch in a Galeras adventure would sometimes cause the player to die a second time after resurrecting.
    • Removed the close button on the voting UI in Adventures.
    • Fixed a boss encounter in a Galeras Adventure where players would no longer be able to summon troops if they died.

    Riot in the Void
    • Agent Triphon no longer shows an empty health bar.

    • The Positron subzone map in Rage Logic has been adjusted to account for cargo hold areas.

    • Reduced XP for completing objectives in Veteran dungeons.
    • Fixed an issue where the stats at the end of a dungeon were reporting incorrectly.

    Stormtalon's Lair
    • Stormtalon's walk animation will now play over the spell animation when it starts to move.

    Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
    • Added sound events to all five datacubes in the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden.

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes groups had trouble getting into raids.

    • Scientists in Deradune can now reach the datacube hidden in a cave in the Hillscourge without assistance from an Explorer.

    • Rune Set: Serenity - Reduced the Focus heals from this set by 90%.
    • Rune Set: Team Player - Fixed a bug where certain tiers of Team Player were causing players to heal five times more health than intended.
    • The drop downs no longer block buttons on the side.
    • The list is now sorted alphabetically, which should help organize set runes better.
    • There were two Preservation Rune of Health (Life) items and recipes. One of those has been converted to Preservation Rune of Grit instead.

    • Discovering recipes will now always tell the player rather they are hot, warm, or cold. The shaded area of the coordinate crafting used by Cooking, Architect, and Technologist is no longer the only place to receive this feedback.
    • Fixed the Crafting UI so it is no longer stuck after moving away from a crafting station.
    • Canceling crafting while the cast bar is visible will no longer lock up the crafting UI.
    • Interrupting a simple craft (Runecrafting, or other recipes that do not require player decisions) no longer maintains the crafting session of that simple craft.
    • Starting a new crafting session (such as crafting runes) no longer cancels the previous session. It will need to be specifically abandoned at a crafting station.

    • Simple crafted items (ones which do not require player choice, such as the "Basic Medishot: Instant Healing”) can again be crafted.

    User Interface
    • Nameplates now properly track units that should have nameplates but have no health.
    • Realm select is now fully sortable by column. Currently, this list will prioritize realms you have characters on before sorting the rest of the realms below it.
    • When a Player enters a vehicle, their unit frame will now display the vehicles vitals instead of their own. The Player gets added as a friendly cluster to the vehicle where they can still monitor their own health.
    • Made some target frame addon performance improvements.
    • Fixed a LUA error caused when trying to open the tradeskill trainer.
    • Fixed Quest Tracker refreshing. There should no longer be a split second where the tracker is resized improperly.
    • Changed the default look of in-world chat bubbles.
    • Improved bandwidth utilization.
    • Several loading screen pro-tips have been updated to properly reflect the latest state of various systems.
    • Some spells will no longer damage the wrong area or have their telegraphs in the wrong spot.
    • Fixed an error caused by clicking a completed objective in a Scientist Specimen Survey or Field Study mission.
    • Mail windows will now open properly on screen.
    • Raid frames are less likely to completely lock up the client.
    • Fixed an issue where an achievement subcategory would become unchecked when the items in it are selected.
    • Fixed issue where the group finder UI would no longer show a "Leave Instance" button after disconnecting.
    • Fixed bug where Achievements UI wouldn't update the screen immediately if tabbed between Guild and Player achievements, then immediately looked at the same category before tabbing away.
    • Players now receive a more appropriate error message when trying to join the group of an enemy faction.

    • Blasted Landscape has been converted from a Challenge to a Public Event, allowing it to be played by multiple players at the same time.
    • Housing Decor buffs will be applied regardless of the Player's location on their housing property.
    • Housing properties will no longer have the name "My Home" by default. When a Player gains access to their house for the first time, their residence name will be blank, prompting them to rename their property.
    • Canceling or closing the "House" UI while previewing a Sky will properly remove the Sky option.
    • Hobo Train - When getting vomited on by a hobo, the icon for the debuff will now properly display.
    • Fixed Capitalization inconsistencies in Housing Daily Buff Titles.
    • Several Housing FABKits have been moved from the PvP vendor to the PvP end-of-match Loot Bags.
    • Players can no longer exceed the Decor Owned limit.

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